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Pet Sitting Services

Walking the Dogs

Our doggie clients love to see My Pet Sitter walk through the door. That means they are going outside for a walk or to play in the yard. During our visit, we do with your dog what you want us to do. We will provide fresh water and will feed your pup per your instructions. Many dogs are happy with a short walk and others want longer walks. We offer 30-, 45- and 60-minute visits.

Caring for the Cats

There are plenty of options for dogs, but most cats hiss at the thought of being boarded. While you are away, your feline friends can stay at home where they feel safe. We will change water, provide food, and scoop the litter boxes. If you have social cats that enjoy people, then we will entertain them for the full visit. For non-social cats who find strangers scary, we will be in and out.

Why Us?

Using My Pet Sitter is safe. We are bonded, insured, and our pet sitters must pass a pre-employment background check. When you decide to use My Pet Sitter, the first appointment is the Greeting Visit. During the Greeting Visit, we will go through a series of questions about your home and your pets. This will be the first time your pets are meeting us so this is a very important visit. After the Greeting Visit, we can start services as soon as you need us!

My Dog Trainer

My Dog Trainer, LLC is based in Tampa, FL, and provides dog training and canine behavior consulting. We provide of these services for the Humane Society of Tampa Bay, and for dog owners in the Tampa area.

Customer Testimonials


We have used the home visit/dog walking service for several years now. The post visit texts and pictures are very reassuring. Fido is a homebody and was much more content with that rather than a kennel.




We like the trustworthiness of the service and the walker. It's not easy to give out a key to our home as well as the alarm code. We have recommended My Pet Sitter to several neighbors who I believe have used the service.




What I like is the reliability and excellent care that was given to past pets with medical needs and now my present cat.